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Established in 2018, brought about a rapid turnaround in the dynamics of today’s business. With the growing challenges both in the business as well as technological domains, there is a dire need to concentrate on core competencies, and to have shorter product lifecycles.

I Tech Enterprise can handle these challenges best and contribute to your profit maximization objectives. Our unique software development services can implement your optimal strategies into functionality and features that bring value to end customers.

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Our Services

Data Warehousing

We offer data warehousing services which include architecture, modelling, integration and migration services.

Cloud Architecture

With years of experience in modernization, we ensure better alignment of your application and IT infrastructure landscape to your business needs for improved agility.

Application Development

We have been building web apps for corporate customers in IT, medical, retail and other sectors.

Quality Assurance

We offer procedure that ensures that an organisation delivers high-quality information technology products and services to management and customers.

System Analysis

We Offer studies of procedure or business to identify its goal and purpose, create a system and procedure that will effectively achieve

Project Management

We offer planning and organize company’s resources to move a specific task, event, or duty towards completion.